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Residential Organizing

Helping you navigate a clear path through the myriad of emotional connections, possessions and habits to create a home that is clutter-free and maintainable.
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Office Organizing

My office organizing services and systems help you to be more productive, efficient and have greater impact with your work  – without the burnout.
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Organizational Workshops

Are you a Piler, a Spreader, a Nester, or a Filer? This practical and fun workshop gives participants the tools and motivation to create healthy, efficient, and attractive work environments.
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Our Happy Clients

Isolde sat down with me to chat instead of just telling me what to do. She listened with the intensity of a good therapist, figured out what system would work for me, what I would actually keep up with, and helped me to tweak the system until it was my own. To this day I’m still surprised sometimes when I know right where that important paperwork is!
Cynthia Gould, Graphic Designer, Spoken Word Performer, Painter
Isolde O’Neill is a rare person… multi-talented, skilled at organizing and a delight to work with, no matter the job. She made organizing my truly horrid basement a joy… and never let me feel guilty for a moment! If you need someone to help you shoulder the task of a junk room or out of control files, ask Isolde for help.
Barbara Lauer, Communications Director and Freelance Writer
What I like best is that she got into the psychology of organization, and worked with the person’s particular quirk in organizing under their own systematic brain workings.
Darren Joy, Project Manager
I wanted to thank you again for yesterday. It was so incredibly helpful. I feel like now instead of everything floating around about my head, I can focus on what’s in front of me – it’s like having my feet on the ground finally!
Cindy Koistinen, Soprano
I must tell you I got up this morning to tackle the rest [of our work] and I am so pleased.  It was so fast.  I moved a chair out and now it is the designated office and studio area.  It looks roomy and with all the work done yesterday all the rest  seems to have fallen into place.
Deborah Williams, Make-up and fitness - Grace Make-up for Midlife
Thank you very much for your work and support yesterday. You have such a lovely way of making the experience of clearing out a storage locker fun and rewarding. You respect the state of mind of your client and bring a positive spirit and sense of humour that helps get things done. All in all – hurray!!!
M. Martin, Home Owner
Isolde made a significant & positive difference to my home office and to my level of stress!  Isolde…  gave me fantastic suggestions for furniture & layout… Now I love being in my space and it has helped reduce some of my stress. The other major impact was her approach to filing.  I always thought I was organized, but her system took into account my personal ways, how I need to manage my work and the merits of a label maker!  Thank you, thank you!
Dana Janzen, Allergan Canada