Organizing Odyssey

6 Storage Tips for storing your children’s hand-me-downs

Keeping track of your children’s clothes, what no longer fits, what will fit another child, and what should be donated? This can all be overwhelming, complicated and time consuming. Here are some tips on keeping it simple, maintain-able, and compact as possible: Keeping it simple: Don’t over categorize by size, […]

Tips for Dealing with Mumnesia

Have you become increasingly forgetful since becoming a mother? Don’t be alarmed, you’re in good company. Mumnesia, a.k.a. mommy brain, is a genuine medical condition that affects many new mums. You suddenly forget phone numbers, addresses and simple tasks, misplace items, have trouble concentrating and find yourself asking, “Why did […]

From Clutter to Clarity – getting organized in the car!

If you have or are responsible for children you know how much comes along with them in a car! Having an organized car helps to ensure you have the essentials you need on a daily basis – no matter where you are or how long you are stuck in traffic. […]

Toy Storage

The holiday season is almost upon us. Having a home that is welcoming, clutter free, and comfortable can be quite a challenge when you have young children because of all the toys, dolls and playthings scattered around the house. So today I wanted to focus on how to get a […]

Organizing an Emergency Kit

Here in Toronto we have had a lot of extreme weather fronts hitting us – mainly involving rain. Recently a month’s worth or rain fell in about 6 hours and as a result there was major flooding and blackouts. Where I lived had a black out for about 8 hours and in […]

Great to get away …. Unpacking Tips

A dear friend of mine, who lives in a most idyllic village by the Rideau Canals in Ontario, married last weekend. I decided to make a mini-holiday of it – so went for a few days. No matter whether you are going away for a week or a weekend, there […]

Mumnesia – Tips for overcoming New Parent Anxiety

As a parent, you may have experienced the panicky feeling before; suddenly you start forgetting simple things like names, tasks, phone numbers, addresses, or find yourself thinking “why did I come into this room?” And occasionally, a panicked feeling crosses your mind that one day birthdays and child-rearing memories will […]

15% Discount – Spring Savings for the Entrepreneur!

The winter this year in Toronto simply won’t end. It was snowing the other day. Today I could hardly walk down the street the wind was so strong. And it really got me thinking. It’s hard to get motivated at the best of times but after 6 months of solid […]

Moving, Packing, and Moving again!… part 5 – laundry

Two weeks into my minimalist life – four to go. And I am noticing some things that I miss and forgot to pack for this temporary move. I wish I had my ironing board and iron. I didn’t think I ironed much. I don’t. But… and this is just plain […]

Moving, Packing, and Moving again… Part 4 Storage Lockers

I had never put anything in a storage locker before. A few friends said I could store stuff at their places. Which was so kind and generous of them. I am not sure why but I think because I am single most people assume I don’t have much stuff. Even […]