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As a professional organizer over the past 20 years, I have seen dozens of examples of the deep impact an environment has on people’s lives and work. Clutter anywhere causes health problems. It influences your mental well-being and increases insecurity and stress. Clutter in the workplace can lower productivity and efficiency. And when work blurs with home and family life in the remote office, a cluttered space may create even more tension.

My residential organizing and office organizing services, approach the whole person and the whole environment by finding unique solutions and creating spaces that are a natural fit, healthy, and easily maintained.

My richly diverse experiences have contributed to the development of customized workshops for teams and businesses. Based on my unique Organizational Personality Type system© (OPT), my group workshops are a great success, with the OPT© system featuring in TV and news media across Canada.

A member of the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) association for many years, I hold Silver Leaf status in recognition of my elevated experience and expertise, and am a past Board Director, when I was responsible for the Marketing portfolio. I am also an active member of The National Association of Productivity and Organizing (NAPO).

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Home Testimonial 1

Isolde was fantastic - she completely revolutionized my space for the better. Isolde helped me de-clutter, organize, beautify and personalize my apartment, and helped me make the space much more efficient, so that I could get the most use and enjoyment out of it. she kept us on-track, on-schedule and on-budget. In addition, Isolde managed to make the process enjoyable - she is an interesting, funny, decent and professional person, with great ideas and a great eye for organization, efficiency and design.

C. Clark, Toronto

Home Testimonial 2

I must tell you I got up this morning to tackle the rest [of our work] and I am so pleased. It was so fast. I moved a chair out and now it is the designated office and studio area. It looks roomy and with all the work done yesterday all the rest seems to have fallen into place.

D. Williams, Toronto

Home Testimonial 3

Isolde helped me get over the backlog of administration, planning materials, memorabilia and junk that had accumulated after a dozen busy years of parenting. Isolde guided, cajoled, asked the right questions, and frankly held my hand as I kept or parted with 12 years of "stuff". She is a gifted listener, a gentle task master, and wonderful company - all whilst being a wizard of organization.

H. Cribbin, Toronto

Home Testimonial 4

Isolde O’Neill is a rare person… multi-talented, skilled at organizing and a delight to work with, no matter the job. She made organizing my truly horrid basement a joy… and never let me feel guilty for a moment! If you need someone to help you shoulder the task of a junk room or out of control files, ask Isolde for help.

B. Lauer, Toronto

Home Testimonial 5

Isolde was professional, efficient and listened to my needs and habits. She worked so well to establish a working system that I could maintain. My office was no longer a distraction of chaos. It is now an inspiring area to work in and stay focused with a clear filing system and workflow system. She created places for everything throughout our home so the rest of my family can put things away and access things easily.

P. Feig, Toronto

Home Testimonial 6

I highly recommend working with Getting It Together Organizing. She had a lovely way of making the experience of clearing out a storage locker fun and rewarding. Her professional approach, positive spirit and sense of humour moved me forward to get this project done. All in all - hurray!

M. Martin, Toronto

Home Testimonial 7

Have you tried to get that basement which has turned into a junk storage area sorted and cleaned out but find that you have completely failed to make a dent? Does the task seem too daunting and overwhelming? If so, Isolde and her team are definitely the people you want to have help you out. They are friendly, efficient, and get it done with as much or as little help as you are prepared to give. And suddenly your life feels less chaotic because your house is more ordered.

R. Calman, Toronto

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