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January 6, 2010

A couple of my friends got the new Kindle as a gift this year. Wow, it really is a beautiful piece of  technology. My friend John loved his because he is a father and now he can put all his child’s books on the Kindle. Now, when they are travelling, he doesn’t have to carry a huge array of books for reading. But the other thing I learnt is that it is not just books but magazines that you can download onto the Kindle! That really excited me.

So many of my clients get professional and life-style magazines. They love them. The main problem with magazines is that they take up a lot of space and are really difficult to store effectively. The other problem with storing magazines is that most people keep them because they want the articles in them for future reference. Finding that article when it is 6 months or 1 year after you read it entails going through an awful lot of magazines and creating a huge mess as you do so. But not with Kindle:

Newspaper and Magazine Reading

Using Kindle’s 5-way controller, you can quickly flip between articles, making it faster and easier to browse and read the morning paper or your monthly magazine. Want to remember the newspaper or magazine article you just read? Clip and save entire articles for later reading with a single click. Newspapers are auto-delivered wirelessly to Kindle before they hit news stands.

Bookmarks and Annotations

By using the QWERTY keyboard, you can add annotations to text, just like you might write in the margins of a book. And because it is digital, you can edit, delete, and export your notes. You can highlight and clip key passages and bookmark pages for future use. You’ll never need to bookmark your last place in the book, because Kindle remembers for you and always opens to the last page you read.

I really think this is a fantastic solution for individuals who want to keep all their magazines and periodicals.

A great solution for keeping your magazines A great solution for keeping your magazines

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