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Moving, Packing and Moving again! .. part 2 Categorizing

January 25, 2013

STAGE 2: The “like with like” process

I mentioned yesterday about putting like with like? When you have purged (through donation or recycling) everything you no longer need or want then the “like with like” or categorizing part begins. I will warn you now, that this is also going to create a bit of disorder in your home. It won’t be for long as this step is done just before you plan to begin packing up. But give yourself a few days to do it. While you were purging you will have begun this process as well. So for example I found some scarfs in my back hall, some in my bedroom and some in the hall. I choose one area/room for them all to be. I put together a box and as I was going through the purging stage and I found a scarf I went and put it in the box of scarfs. Similarly with my office supplies: everything that would be used in connection with my business (supplies, kits etc.) all went in one room. There is no packing at this point. The aim here is simply get everything together by category.

A lot of people pack up their home based on what is currently in the room. But when you move, things may not be put back the same way. Your new home may be bigger or smaller but new choices and decisions will need to be made about how and where you will store them in your new home. If you have all your scarfs together – in one box then not only will you know how much space you will need for them but also where they might go. I might have had my home office in my living room and dining room but in my new home I will have a dedicated home office. Also, every time I came across an ornament… you got it!… yep… I put all my ornaments together. All my art work/framed work together. All my fiction books together, all my plays together, all my business books together. So think very carefully about what will go where in your new home – not the other way around.

One of the great things about moving to a new home is that it is a clean slate – an oportunity to organize things in a way that works better, can be maintained effortlessly and looks great to boot! So categorize before you pack. I suggested giving this a few days and it does take a while to think these things through. Eventually you will will find that each room has piles of things in it that have been brought from other rooms. This will be uncomfortable but when you start packing it will make it all the easier – and of course unpacking will be a joy!

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