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Moving, Packing, and Moving Again… part 3 Packing

January 26, 2013

Yesterday, I spoke about categorizing and putting like with like. My move is very different to a normal move because I will be putting everything into storage for 6 weeks and living on the bare minimum. Today I am going to talk about packing. So as I saw it I had two challenges to solve:

1. Deciding what I would need for my 6 week zen experience

2. Making sure what I needed for the 6 weeks did not get mixed up with my other stuff and packed away.

I will interject here and explain why I had started the packing process so early. Firstly I thought I was going to be moving “lock, stock, and barrel” end of January. And secondly I have two wonderful cats, one of which, goes into an absolute Shakespearean tragic drama when he sees me packing. Every time I go away on holiday he pulls this “I am about to die and you’re going to go on holiday???!!!” performance which usually ends up with me having to take him to the vet the morning I leave (which is why I always book my flights in the afternoon now – he’s predictable). I knew this was a lot bigger a pack so I thought I would start early and let him get used to me packing but never actually going away. It worked. He eventually decided I had found a new hobby and exercise routine.

So back to my challenge…. I called anything I thought I would needed for the 6 week period “Needed on the voyage”. I run my own business so I could not let anything slip during this time. I have a great office management system (obviously – it’s what I do for a living!) that was going to allow me to be mobile. It went something like this:

  • Office supplies (pens, paper, envelopes etc.)
  • Technology supplies
  • Action (everything I had to do/respond to)
  • Filing
  • Receipts

These were all in drawers already so I really didn’t have to do much there except make sure I put everything I needed in them and packed up everything else from the office. Any files (like those needed for my move etc) I put in my Action drawer and all other files were packed up in bankers boxes. My computer of course was wanted on the voyage. I have all my files “clouded” as well which meant that I not only could access my files from my cell phone (I use sugarsync) but also if an accident happened to my computer “on the voyage” everything would be safe.

Then I had to decided what clothes, kitchen, bathroom and general things to keep and not pack up. I wasn’t even going to have an arm chair or couch. Just my bed, desk and office chair. this meant no entertaining at home for the next short while. Which made decisions even easier. In my kitchen I decided I needed my microwave, my kettle, my grill, things to cook and eat with and a few pots and pans. And that was it!

I took everything relating to the cats so that they would be set up exactly the same way they were in my old place. Animals hate change and I wanted the least amount of change for them.

For my wardrobe I choose one business suit, 2 “going out” outfits, and then a few jeans, trousers. Most of my tops and under garments came with me as dividing these up would not be practical. Oh.. and two coats, 2 pairs of boots, snow boots and 2 pairs of shoes. Sounding a bit like Noah’s Ark!!!!

Anything that was going into storage was packed up and sealed with tape. If it was open it was wanted on the voyage. Only one open box on the day went in the truck to go into storage… but I saw it and saved it! I know I could have coloured coded and done elaborate labelling but I didn’t feel it was necessary as I was going to be doing the move myself (with the help of some wonderful and strong friends!).

The important thing was to choose wisely what I would take on the voyage with me. It had to have a home in the temporary place too. If I didn’t know how I was going to store it in the temporary place then I had to pack it up. And I have to say, looking around me now … everything does have it’s own place to be put and though quite zen and minimalist my temporary place is fantastic.

Now all I have to do is see if I can live like this for 6 weeks!!!

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