Meet The Nester: You can’t miss these folks. They have practically every room of their home in their office. Pictures, wardrobe, photos, blankets, first-aid, food. Their office is a home away from home. And that’s the best thing about them. They are friendly, thoughtful, responsible, always put you at your ease, they are welcoming, they cheer you up and they care about their work and fellow workers.

Personalizing your environment

The thing about The Nester is that they need to personalize their offices. And that’s a good thing. It’s just not a good thing when it takes over the office. You will know more about the personal life of a Nester than any other type. If there is a surface there is something personal, pretty, or inspirational on it. How do you personalize your office without it saying too much about your personally or looking unprofessional? You have pictures of your friends, your family. Then there’s the artwork of your children or nieces or nephews, and don’t forget that great quote that you find so inspiring! You need them all around you to keep you motivated, to keep you grounded and to remind you why you do what you do.

Memories, The kitchen, the bathroom, the hall

The thing is, you really don’t need to have all of your home represented at the office. You want the best of it there – just some of the memories of who you share your home and life with.

  • Artwork – instead of putting it on the wall or your desk put it in clear plastic sleeves in a binder or art portfolio.
  • Photos – instead of sticking them on the computer and walls try using a digital photo frame. You can load lots of photos and have them rotate every day or week. Or put them in a small album.
  • The Garden – Plants are beautiful but only if you water them. If you do have a plant then really think about the best kind of plant for that kind of environment. Avoid ones that shed or can grow/crawl into others people’s spaces. And keep it simple.
  • Food – think about having a plastic box, see-through and labeled with your name on it and put it in the kitchen. You can put your own mug, teaspoon, tea towel etc. in here. Again same goes for food items – in a box, with your name and either on a shelf or in the fridge. If you need a snack it will be safe and sound in this box and not stuffed in a drawer or cupboard somewhere.
  • Wardrobe – Shawls, shoes, cardigans. It can really collect. And sometimes the office feels cold and you want that extra layer on you. If you have a car keep your spare shoes and clothes in the trunk in a bag or box especially for the office. If you don’t drive to work? One spare shawl or cardigan over the back of your chair. Remember; less is more. It’s also more professional looking.
  • Bathroom – It’s amazing how many toiletries collect in the office space – in drawers, shelves, cupboards, and desktops. Again there’s nothing wrong with having ONE hand moisturizer but… keep it to one. Less is more.

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