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Gift Certificates

For that someone special who has everything but nowhere to put it, I have professional organizing gift packages to suit a variety of needs including:

  • Baby on the way
  • Starting a new business
  • Career change
  • Renovations
  • Moving

Do you know someone who needs help tackling a big project, is about to move, or simply just needs to organize their office or living space? Whether you want to gift a consultation, project plan, or a whole day organizing session, our gift certificates are very popular. And they are excellent value!

Your thoughtful gift certificate will be so appreciated after they see how an organized space can change their life!

At Getting It Together Organizing we believe that the client must want to change, to ensure success with any project.  That’s why it’s best to be sure the recipient is ready and willing to work with a professional organizer.   If for any reason, they are not, we will gladly refund the amount of the gift certificate less a $25 administration fee.


Home Testimonial 1

Isolde was fantastic - she completely revolutionized my space for the better. Isolde helped me de-clutter, organize, beautify and personalize my apartment, and helped me make the space much more efficient, so that I could get the most use and enjoyment out of it. she kept us on-track, on-schedule and on-budget. In addition, Isolde managed to make the process enjoyable - she is an interesting, funny, decent and professional person, with great ideas and a great eye for organization, efficiency and design.

C. Clark, Toronto

Home Testimonial 2

I must tell you I got up this morning to tackle the rest [of our work] and I am so pleased. It was so fast. I moved a chair out and now it is the designated office and studio area. It looks roomy and with all the work done yesterday all the rest seems to have fallen into place.

D. Williams, Toronto

Home Testimonial 3

Isolde helped me get over the backlog of administration, planning materials, memorabilia and junk that had accumulated after a dozen busy years of parenting. Isolde guided, cajoled, asked the right questions, and frankly held my hand as I kept or parted with 12 years of "stuff". She is a gifted listener, a gentle task master, and wonderful company - all whilst being a wizard of organization.

H. Cribbin, Toronto

Home Testimonial 4

Isolde O’Neill is a rare person… multi-talented, skilled at organizing and a delight to work with, no matter the job. She made organizing my truly horrid basement a joy… and never let me feel guilty for a moment! If you need someone to help you shoulder the task of a junk room or out of control files, ask Isolde for help.

B. Lauer, Toronto

Home Testimonial 5

Isolde was professional, efficient and listened to my needs and habits. She worked so well to establish a working system that I could maintain. My office was no longer a distraction of chaos. It is now an inspiring area to work in and stay focused with a clear filing system and workflow system. She created places for everything throughout our home so the rest of my family can put things away and access things easily.

P. Feig, Toronto

Home Testimonial 6

I highly recommend working with Getting It Together Organizing. She had a lovely way of making the experience of clearing out a storage locker fun and rewarding. Her professional approach, positive spirit and sense of humour moved me forward to get this project done. All in all - hurray!

M. Martin, Toronto

Home Testimonial 7

Have you tried to get that basement which has turned into a junk storage area sorted and cleaned out but find that you have completely failed to make a dent? Does the task seem too daunting and overwhelming? If so, Isolde and her team are definitely the people you want to have help you out. They are friendly, efficient, and get it done with as much or as little help as you are prepared to give. And suddenly your life feels less chaotic because your house is more ordered.

R. Calman, Toronto

Virtual Organizing 2

I desperately needed help with my home office. I was overwhelmed trying to manage my life, family, and working from home. I was nervous about it being virtual. Isolde made the whole experience feel natural and seamless. She was there for and with me every step of the way. I have a great home office now that supports my work and looks great!

Tamara D. Toronto,

Virtual Organizing 1

I found your idea of using the back of a framed picture a real game-changer. I’ve actually been able to do a lot more writing as this was holding me up. I’m so pleased to have a less cluttered space and easy access to my creative projects. THANK YOU!!!

Alex G. Toronto,

Residential Organizing 2

Love our home! Feels like we got a new house…home now feels like a place we WANT to be, rather than a place we need to escape from!…. Understanding your clients so well and understanding how spaces WORK, not just look. A whole system plan, not just purging. Excellent first consultation and thorough quote.

J. Zuk, Toronto

Residential Organizing 1

I was drowning in clutter and lack of a system and Isolde quietly, thoughtfully, respectfully offered me suggestions and encouragement. There is order where there was chaos. There is a system for putting things in their place and a reason to keep the system. She was never judgemental and always positive. Her solutions are simple and easy to follow. The result is terrific. I would and have recommended her.

L. Slotkin, Toronto

Workshops Testimonial 2

Isolde was a wildly popular speaker… She delivered a strong, clear and important message with a unique ability to entertain, motivate and inspire… I found her to be professional, responsive, responsible, flexible and low maintenance.

Teresa Scannell, M. Ed.,
Organizational Development and Learning Centre. University of Toronto

Workshops Testimonial 1

Our staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have not stopped talking about it since. I would give her workshop 9 out of 10, and I never give anyone a 10 out of 10 on principle – her workshop was excellent.

Jamieson Saab,
Grand & Toy

Office Organizing 2

You helped me organize and reframe how I set up my home office. It was a major impact on how I operate, organize and think about working from home. One of the big things you shifted for me was - why hide that I work from home? What if I could make a home office I embrace, love and feels amazing to work within? Today my office is a space I love and is organized based on the principles you taught me. I very grateful! I highly recommend your organizational consultancy and expertise!

D. Jansen, Janzen
Leadership Inc., Executive Coach

Office Organizing 1

Isolde came to my office to see if she could re-organize my filing system (none!). Now, instead of panicking every time I need to locate a document, I just open a filing cabinet (since there is no longer any mountain of paper to scale) and find what I need within seconds! Her honest and straight forward approach was refreshing and has brought peace and flow to my creative and administrative work.

Tom McGillis – President,
Fresh TV Inc.

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