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Preparing for a new dog: Nester Pet Organizing Tips

November 4, 2020

I am going to write today about  The Nester and what issues might come up for them in getting their home ready for a new puppy, dog, cat, or any pet for that matter.  Who and what is a Nester? A Nester is one of my Organizational Personality Types©: The Filer, The Piler, The Nester, and The Spreader. I created this system because I wanted to help people understand why they have the kinds of clutter they do and through that avenue of discovery to help them how to find organizational solutions that truly “fit” them and stick. And as a result, save them time and money.

There is a reason why some of us spread our clutter and others pile it. The OPT© system helps you discover what systems and processes will best support you, and how to integrate them into your life. This approach does not ask you to change who you are; it allows you to reframe organizing from something that is imposed upon you into a vital and exciting part of your quest for growth and success. In preparing your home for a new dog this approach will help you create storage solutions that the whole family can respond to and maintain.

The Nester: If there is a surface there is something personal, pretty, or inspirational on it.

The thing about The Nester is that they need to personalize their homes and work environments. That’s a good thing. It’s just not a good thing when the decorative accents take over every room and their homes begin to look like a curiosity shop or a romper room. You will know more about the personal life of a Nester than any other type. If there is a surface there is something personal, pretty, or inspirational on it. And the Nester pet owner will be no different. They will accessorize and personalize their dog supplies with as much gusto as they would their children’s memories.

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The Nester Pet Owner

The Nester likes to personalize their environments and possessions. In their homes, you will find lots of family photos, keepsakes, and memories. They will have children’s artwork up on the walls, they will no doubt have decorations for each festive occasion. If someone in the family likes unicorns then there will be unicorn cups, unicorn pens, unicorn phone cases. You get the idea… unicorns will start appearing around the home. Nester’s like to feel connected to what motivates and inspires them up; be it their family, pets, or hobby.

These trinkets, ornaments, memorabilia, and accessories help them feel grounded, remind them who and what is important in life, and give them enormous pleasure. But, in no time at all, the home of a Nester can morph into a museum, nursery, zoo, or theme park, of every person, place, hobby, and event that happened in their life.

So the biggest issue then for The Nester in preparing their home for a new dog will be in organizing their pet supplies in a fashion that is practical without detracting from the interior style and design of the home. For example, a typical Nester might have dog-themed blankets in different colours and designs in the living room, the bedroom, and home office. It is not that Nester’s are not organized, it is more that with all the cute beds, baskets, toys, bowels, photo frames etc., there can be a clash of styles which in turn ends up looking cluttered or disorganized.

Keeping Things Organized while allowing your inner Nester freedom to decorate: Some Tips:

I saw this pet supplies armoire in Better Homes and Gardens Pet Armoire and thought it was a perfect example of how a Nester might organize all their supplies for their new dog. I love this idea because it keeps all the supplies in one place and this allows you to decorate the hell out of it and make it all about your beloved pooch. Clearly, this is the ideal solution if you have the space in your home for it. If you don’t, then that’s fine. The important point that I am making here for The Nester in preparing their home for their new dog is to create one place that can become pet central with its cute toys, prints, outfits, hooks, baskets, calendars etc.

If you don’t have the space to put an armoire you could, for example, consider creating a pet zone in your home which would have all the supplies you need and, also allows you to decorate the area with photos and memorabilia. has a lovely example of what a pet zone in your home might look like: Pet Zone Example

Again, this allows you to have your pet supplies smartly organized and, most importantly for a Nester, express how you feel about your pet and it’s personality.

The Nester’s Pet Zone

  • A location that stores supplies and displays memorabilia
  • A location that you can personalize
  • A location where only the pets belongings and memories can go.

If you are a Nester, or someone you know is, and you have a question just ask me in the comment section below.


Next week I am going to discuss The Piler and what they need to consider when preparing for a new dog.

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Preparing for a new dog: Nester Pet Organizing Tips

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