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Virtual Organizing for the Hybrid employee

May 1, 2021


Today, I want to talk about Virtual Organizing. What exactly is it? How does Virtual Organizing work? What are the benefits? And is it the right choice for you?

Initially, when the virus hit, I, along with everyone else, retreated indoors and bided my time till it passed. But it didn’t pass, and we all had to find new ways of working, of entertaining ourselves and living indoors with each other. We had to pivot without a road map of how or for how long.

Free Professional Organizing

I started hearing from friends, clients, and relatives about how their lives were being impacted and asking me for some tips and insights to help them adjust to their new living and working conditions. In February of this year (2021), I launched my “Ask An Expert” page as part of my blog. So many people have been financially devastated, and I wanted to help, by offering my services for free to anyone in need of organizing services.  I asked the public to write to me with their organizing questions and problems.

I thought it would be a neat idea; rather than write blogs about what I thought people might want help with, to write a blog that specifically addressed an organizing issue for someone. The response has been amazing. I got more inquiries than I had the time to answer on my blog. I learnt how people were struggling with working from home, struggling with creating the best environment for their children to attend school virtually, and struggling with keeping their homes peaceful sanctuaries.

Until then, I had not offered virtual organizing as I honestly believed Covid19 would be behind us by 2021. When I work with a client, it’s a very hands-on, intimate journey we take together. I wasn’t convinced virtual organizing would create enough impact for the client –they would have to do all the work while I advised and watched. How wrong I was! Challenges like the current global pandemic can also be a catalyst for innovation, new approaches, and even increased productivity.

A friend of mine in Europe was having a challenge with her mother’s care. She wanted to move her mom into her home. The plan had been for her mom to transition into a retirement home, but that did not make sense anymore. She worked virtually from home, as did her husband – they had the time and space for her mom to move in. She inquired if I would help organize her mom’s move (downsizing, packing, moving, setting up) into their home. I said yes. I was up for exploring how to do a large-scale organizing job not just remotely but in a different country, in a different time zone, during lockdowns and quarantines. It was such an amazing experience for all concerned. Her mom is now living with them and feels much happier and safer.

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So What Exactly is Virtual Organizing?

Your virtual organizer helps you identify, plan, and resource all aspects of the organizational journey – you get the same coaching and support you’d get if we were side-by-side. The only difference is that you’re choosing to do the physical work yourself, but you’re fortifying yourself with the advice and support from an expert. With your permission, we can also record our sessions together so that you can review our work together.

What You Need to Have/Provide:


You need to be comfortable with technology to make the virtual part work. Nothing too high-tech, but you should be able to;

  • Use a video conferencing app like Zoom or Skype.
  • Take pictures of your space to share with me.
  • Use a phone or tablet with a camera so that we can explore different areas of your home.
  • Have a strong enough internet/wi-fi connection to ensure the video will work if you move about the space (like to the basement).
  • Uninterrupted time to focus on our work.

How Does Virtual Organizing Work?

Before scheduling our first session, we will have a 30-minute free phone consultation to discuss your needs and expectations. I will then ask you to send me some photos and videos (if possible) of the areas to be tackled.

In our first session, you will walk me through your space virtually, and we’ll discuss your goals, strengths, and challenges. I will ask you many questions, and we will create a project plan designed for you and your budget.  Then, together we will create a schedule for your independent hands-on work and your virtual organizing sessions.

In between sessions, you will have homework. This homework will be achievable, directed, and simple to follow.

During our sessions, we will work together to revisit your progress, continue our work to execute the plan, discuss any challenges, and have a lot of fun in the process.

Your degree of success will depend on what happens between our sessions, i.e., your work and follow-through from the plans created during our time together. Through regular consultations, I will help you identify strategies and tools to help you get the work done and advise you regarding the appropriate products or systems that will work best in your environment. In the end, it will be up to you to apply them accordingly. I will be your positive supporter, cheering you on, and will strengthen your commitment when things are feeling overwhelming or impossible to achieve.

Benefits of Virtual Organizing

  • Expert help and advice on organizing and decluttering
  • No one needs to know. Also, you can show as much or as little of your home as you are comfortable with.
  • Safe environment
  • Allows clients to go at their own pace
  • Shorter sessions, making it easier to fit into your day
  • Great for Do-It-Yourself projects
  • Great for small projects
  • Accountability

These are unprecedented and stressful times when we have all had to pivot and find a new way of working, living, and communicating. Many employees are now working within a hybrid structure, from home and office. Booking a Virtual Organizing consultation with me will be your first step to making this “new normal” not just work for you but empower you with the tools and knowledge of riding any big wave that comes into your life in the future.


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